My name is Jack, I am a socialist and a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. I grew up in Hetton Downs a former mining community near Sunderland, that like many other communities has suffered since the pits were closed. I joined the Labour Party at the age of 14 because they are the only party that stands up for communities like mine.

This led me to stand for my local town council last year and for my local city council this year. At the elections in May, I successfully won a seat from the last Independent on Sunderland City Council, with the support of the communities of Copt Hill.

I care deeply about my local community and as a community activist, I can see the damage 8 years of Tory Government has done to our communities. I have witnessed the hardship families have faced, seen businesses struggling and closing, seen schools underfunded, and our infrastructure struggling and needing investment. Our families, communities, and businesses need support and investment in infrastructure needs to be made in our villages, towns, and cities.